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From: L. Burnam <>
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I love y'all wild growth because I was bald head two months ago and now my hair is growing


September 20, 2016
I started using wild growth hair care on Sa'riya when she was 3 months her hair was trying to come out and just like everybody else I thought it was b.s but its not a month later my baby hair is back like it never left and her cradle cap is gone as well #Aug19/#Sep20 #2016 it works fr I use it myself -Facebook

- V. N. " It really works!" - june 12, 2016

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Pioneers of the 'Going natural African Hair Growth Oils.'

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Fast, & Proven Natural Hair Growth...Guaranteed! From balding or bald areas & spots, thinning temples and edges, uneven growth and stay short hair......To never before full, shoulder, below shoulder, mid back and below lengths. Grow out your very own 100% natural Human Hair to be proud of!  Hair becomes stronger, thicker, longer and more luxurious with long term use. Concentrated Wild Growth® oils offer daily conditioning while working  fast and progressively for a free and endless supply of natural, beautiful 100% human hair! Here is How!!! 


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