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Other Wild  Growth Results Testimonials

Shondrika Anderson Williams reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
May 2 at 4:39am ∑ 2018
Definitely worth buying. I cut my hair and went natural in June 2016, started off dreads in December 2016 started using the wild growth oil. And my hair is healthier than ever now.



Kristin Trenť Wilson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 30 at 2:30pm ∑ 2018
Love it . My hair has been growing  since Iíve cut off all my hair. Side note I didnít put 5 stars because my hair itches so bad afterwards.


PR Dumas reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 29 at 10:06pm ∑ 2018
.$8.59 A BOTTLE WOW!

Chemere Battle reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 6 at 11:13am ∑ 2018
I love it  period. I cut my hair off Nd it grew it back in less than a year even my beautician was amazed.


It smells very earthy and kind of like essential oils
ByJuli Febleson March 17, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces Wild Growth Hair Oil
I bought this awhile back after I decided to cut off all of my hair (went from about 11inches to 3inches). I used it about twice a week and my hair grew  back healthier and faster  than it ever has. I also use it as a cuticle oil when I do my nails and my nails have been stronger and less brittle and they have grown so much. I now have to cut my nails every week or they get too long. They smell is actually pleasant to me. It smells very earthy and kind of like essential oils. I will definitely buy again and I'm going to buy a bottle for my friend too

Misses Baker reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
March 11 at 10:29pm ∑
The salon cut way more of my hair off than what was desired in October of 2017! My hair naturally grows slow! I bought this product & seen almost immediate results  after 2 weeks. (My hair was dyed so I could tell in the color differences of my roots! ) However, the smell is strong, and it is oil. I have very fine and thin hair. So, it's not a regimen that I can do and then go into public. So, when life got busy in the end of November and beginning of December I didn't have time to do my hair routine with the oil . But it kept growing .. faster than normal. But not as fast as it was. But it's March, 2018 & All I can say is wow! This stuff really works! Check out my page for my results seeing as to how I can post my pictures here. I love this stuff and I recommend it to every and any one who will listen!



Lisa Johnson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
March 10 at 6:52am ∑
I love it!   I did the chop on aug! And my hair has grown so much  since!!!



Stephanie Sica reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
February 24 at 10:38am ∑
After doing 2 big chops in 2016, my hair grew thick and faster  than usual.


Mel Murphy reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
February 24 at 3:55pm ∑
I've been using the white bottle for a little over a year and my hair is growing  at such a rate.  I've even cut my hair a few times, I mean a lot of hair off and my hair is almost bra strap length. It used to be above
my shoulders!


Tina Ball reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
February 18 at 8:27pm ∑
I almost F***ED my hair all the way up! I thought I combed it good but after I washed my hair it tangled up like it was about to lock!!! Combing wasn't an option cause it would only break off. Luckily for me I
just brought a bottle. It un tangled de tangled EVERYTHING!
  PRAISE GOD cause I thought cutting my hair off was my only option. Lol... Wild grow saved my hair! ????
#IwasSoScared #AlmostCried #LifeSaver

You Wonít Regret It
ByTyraon February 2, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)
This product has really grown my hair really fast in a spand of a months time. Iím now ready for braids after the big chop I did.


Twa McKnight reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 22 at 12:00pm ∑ 2018
I start using this product last month and I already see results plus I shaved the back of my and now thanks to this product I have a little brush back there. Also I only had my senageless twist in my hair for going
on a month
and my hair is really  growing  fast


Derrel N Davinna Anderson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 22 at 10:33am ∑ 2018
I have been using this product a little over a month. I'm soooooo loving the results. I did the big chop off in December, due to my hair breaking off bad. Now I have been using only the white bottle, less
  more thickness.



Nigiah Thompson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
Yesterday at 5:28am ∑ 1/21/18
I started both bottles about 2 weeks ago and my hair feels soft and my curls are finally back. Iíve cut my hair really really short the beginning of last year and the products that I was using never grew It back the
way I wanted. My hair is now past my shoulders and my edges  are growing  back quickly. Best product ever!!

Paris Sanders reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
January 20 at 6:30am ∑ 2018
I absolutely love to use both the yellow and white bottles in my hair. I've been natural for a little over 2 years and I've went from the bug choo to hair past my shoulders. I also use this in my 6 year old daughter
, and she has the prettiest   thicknaturallong hair. I love it

Rena Purifory reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 16 at 8:38am ∑ 2018
The best thing I have ever tried I purchased two bottles and my hair has grown  very fast less than a week mind you I
did a big chop
in September 2016! Definitely will be purchasing two more bottles!


January 15 at 6:36am ∑ 2018
I had the big chop 06/2016. Started using both bottles 01/2017. My hair os  thick and longer. I think if I used it as directed and not so sporadically, my hair will be the length that I want it to be! Oh and I went
natural too!
  I love it!


Lakeysha Smith reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
January 14 at 7:24am ∑ 2018
I burned my hair up trying to dye it honey blonde two weeks ago... I decided to use this product on my damaged hair and was amazed....this stuff really works... It has tammed my hair and i see a huge
in two weeks.. I didn't even have to cut my hair...



MzAggressife Nochill George reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 13 at 6:53am ∑ 2018

I worked very well.. I cut my hair all off in Nov and now can wear a pixie style now

Sateria Berry reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó 5 star
January 11 at 11:02am ∑ 2018
I just got the bottles last month and it works my hair was short because I cut it but itís frowning back fast  I love it thanks I really need to get some more


Alisha Arnette Andrews reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 5 at 8:52am ∑
I've been using this product since around May 2016 during my transitioning phase. I didn't really have to do the big chop like normal. Now I've been consistently using the white and yellow bottles since Jan
2017 and my growth is amazing.


Nana Kimberly Smith-Facebook
∑ December 30, 2017
I start using wild grow about 3 weeks ago  I completely cut my hair in Sept could (n't) understand why it was thinning start using wild grow now I can put my hair in a ponytail!   Love this stuff???

∑ December 28, 2017 Facebook
Iíve been using Wild Growth for 8 months. I took a before video and Iíve found this product to be exceptional in its ability to grow my hair  back from damaged. I use it about once a week on my Natural Hair style. No more heat on my hair since the Summer and the Big Chop in September. Iím posting the results in May

Magic in a bottle!!
By Jonelle Pembertonon December 21, 2017
Amazon  Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces
This is a little long so bare with me... I have absolute rave reviews for this oil. I first learned about it from a YouTube vlogger. I went to a few beauty supply stores and couldnít find it ANYWHERE. Then one day, while at another beauty supply store, (I donít know why) but something told me to ask if they had any behind the counter. And lo and behold they did! They said they keep it behind there cause people were 
shoplifting it on a regular basis because of such high demand. I purchased the bottle and used it the first night. Youíre supposed to only do it a few times a week in the beginning. But I decided to use it every night before bed with a little scalp massage. My hair had TERRIBLE heat damage and so I was forced to do a big chop and start over.  It was brittle, stringy, dry, and thin. I developed a bald spot on the front 
middle part of my scalp.
 I had also also lost all volume and density. I committed to a 6 month challenge. I wore wigs as a protective style. Every night before bed I massaged my scalp with it for a few minutes. 
I alternated between braids and twists under the wigs. I did NOTHING else. Didnít drink more water, didnít eat any healthier, and didnít take any hair growth pills. Only think I did different was use the oil. 
After my 6 month check, I immediately saw a difference. My hair was thick and lush. My twists were nice and juicy and my roots were strongSo strong that my scalp wasnít even visible anymore in some parts. My hair feels stronger and thicker. I also had a lot of growth. I definitely would recommend this!!! The top pics are right after the big chop and the bottom pics are after the 6 month check. Iím so excited 
to see the progress in my 9 month check.


Britt Lee on October 5, 2017
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces
absolutely love Wild Growth hair products. They work wonders for me and my family. I went natural and cut almost all of my hair off a year ago and in a years time my hair has grown  inches  and inches from 
using this product as well as the Wild Growth hair oil. I was so afraid to do the big chop because I thought it would take forever for my hair to grow out. Wild Growth definitely made it grow much faster   than I expected. I would definitely recommend this product for natural or relaxed hair types. You can't go wrong with this product it will absolutely grow your hair out.




Kyndra Gamble-‎ Facebook 6/2/16

Love wild growth oil..!!!!! Did the "BIG CHOP" feb19th and loving my afro because of this product. It would take almost a year for my hair to have this much growth.

Before and after (fast growth)





November 10, 2015

‎Monica Forbey‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care-FaceBook

November 10 at 7:50pm ∑ 

Did my big chop Dec 2014. Bottom pic my hair today Nov 2015 ‪#‎ItWorks


Before and After



May 27, 2015

La Verne Vernie Palmer-FaceBook


         04/14      It Has Grown

Before and After


March 12, 2015

try it.
By March 12, 2015

My hair fell out a few years ago when I was in high school. I used a bottle of this and wore full weaves So I didn't realize my hair grew from this until after I stopped using it. Recently I Big chopped because my hair was falling outagain and now I can really see the growth.


June 18, 2014 

I really like this stuff!

M. Reid "M. Reid" (Miami, Fl.) -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty) 

I have definitely experienced rapid growth, more rapid than my own growth without using any products. So one month ago, I cut my hair length to my cheeks. I wanted to remove as much relaxed hair as possible without doing the BIG CHOP. I had braids put in my hair and then I purchased the Wild Growth oil the same day and began using it on my scalp in between the parts. Mostly, it was very soothing because the braids were tight and painful. The smell is there but it's not unbearable and as a matter of fact, I barely smell it after about an hour. I wasn't using the oil everyday but as needed and usually right before bed and/or whenever my scalp felt a little dry (about every few days). Now here it is, a month later and my braids were supposed to last two months but they need to be redone now. The growth is so much that I can't see my scalp anymore and in order to make my hair looks nice, I have to twist the base of the braid. I would say I've gotten about an inch of growth already. I usually have 1/2 inch per month. On top of the growth, my hair feels soft and nice. There is no build up at all. My scalp is eating this stuff up! If you are sensitive to smell then you may not be able to tolerate but it doesn't bother me at all. I think you can add fragrant oils to mask some of the odor like lavender, rosemary or peppermint. I'm still only partly thru my first bottle but I will be buying more really soon. I really like this stuff!