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Use small quantities to avoid eye or mouth over run. Test first.

Even  great for new borns ( after two weeks). Great for cradle cap and bringing about quick growth. Test first and use smaller quantities on these younger, delicate and more absorbing scalps. Apply  evenly . - formula is very concentrated.  Don't let the oil run down into the eyes ( if it runs at all, you are using way too much). Keep away from young ones  when not in use as they may eat it. Follow the First Month Use instructions:



First Month Use Instructions: The formula is concentrated so start slow and closely observe results. Week 1: Shake well. Gently apply only once sparingly on entire hair and scalp. Week 2: Apply twice every three days. Week 3: Apply three times (every two days). For Week 4 and beyond, adjust quantity and frequency to keep a continuous light coating of moisture on hair and scalp.


Hair Growth Results for Children/Babies

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May 5, 2017

I would definitely recommend this oil!

ByAmazon Customeron May 5, 2017

Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase

I love this oil! It works so well, & quick! My 3 year old daughter, cut my 2 year old daughters hair. Initially I

thought to take her to a barber and just get it cut even, it was so bad. I thought it would take months to grow

back! I've seen the reviews of this oil but hadn't tried it for myself, but this one situation left us desperate for a

solution, & I am more than happy with our results and would definitely recommend to anyone.


This is a GREAT oil to bring back edges or hair
Wild Growth Oil ByDonna'on March 10, 2017 Amazon
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
This is a GREAT oil to bring back  edges or hair. My son was born with little hair, his hair grows faster in the middle of his head than any other place. now that he's one years old. I use this product on his hair everyday and now he have a head full of hair it took him exactly one month for a full head now  he get his hair cut every 2 weeks, this product really triggered his hair growth. I will continue to use this product. Plus it also helped the growth with my edges, which became very thin during my pregnancy. You will notice a difference in 1-2 weeks only if you use it every day.

September 20, 2016
I started using wild growth hair care on Sa'riya when she was 3months her hair was trying to come out and just like everybody else I thought it was b.s but its not a month later my baby hair is back like it never left and her cradle cap is gone as well #Aug19/#Sep20 #2016 it works fr I use it myself -Facebook



Jasma Brown'SugaSlim Johnson‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care-Facebook
July 16 ∑ Baton Rouge, LA

Wow! Wild Hair Growth really does work! My baby boy suffered from hair loss back in Feb when he caught a ringworm. I've tried just about everything, nd nothing seemed to help its been 5 months now of dealing with this! I bought that bottle of hair oil EXACTLY ONE week ago, nd look @ da difference of only 3 uses in ONE week. Thank God


‎Jordynn Niccole‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care

OK as y'aa see my baby went bald as most babies do. So I been using thhis oil on her hair for lil over a month now & she now has edges & she finally has hair in the back. Not
fully grown in all the way in the back but coming from completely bald to the hair she has now is a big accomplishment for us LOL.

before and after


‎Ashonte Amir Ayden‎ -Facebook

I love this product... My sons journey within 1 month
Left picture was taken on May 9th 2016 & Right picture was taken on June 7th 2016

Before and After




June 05, 2016

Sharquetta Monique‎ -FaceBook

Been using wild growth for 5 months on my 16 month old it's really growing her hair



Mon, May 2, 2016 5:46 pm

I love your product. Not only has it helped my hair grow, my daughter
hair has grown as well.. Thank you

December 21, 2015

Andrea Johnson-Facebook

Andrea Johnson This how my daughter hair is. From using baby don't be bald . and now im using wild

 growth on her and her hair is to thick to manage. I have to keep it in a lot of pony tails to manage it.

 ∑ December 21, 2015 at 9:49pm

December 21, 2015

Andrea Johnson-Facebook

Andrea Johnson This how my daughter hair is. From using baby don't be bald . and now im using wild

 growth on her and her hair is to thick to manage. I have to keep it in a lot of pony tails to manage it.

 ∑ December 21, 2015 at 9:49pm



November 19, 2015

"Braids had brought my baby 's edges OUT, so from Late June to August before school started, Wild

 Growth help bring edges back... Still use it.."-Brandy Hunter

Before and After


Brandy Hunter- FaceBook



November 11, 2015

AS Ware Work goes my little girl


Like ∑ Reply ∑ Message ∑ November 11 at 8:27pm




October 29, 2015

from Facebook

It works, my daughter has natural hair the right side is shrinkage, i box braid her hair and only use this, her hair absorbs these types of oils, and she has real growth results. TieshErwin-Bosland

Before and After



Elaine La'rue Jackson-FaceBook

Yes it works my granddaughter had a bald spot in the back of her head now she has I can make a

 ponytail for her is little but is there. I had a short haircut and decided to grow my hair back I've been

 using the products I think since May and I have like 3 inches of gross (wth)  I can put a ponytail my

 hair now  and it has changed to texture my hair was coarse and brittle now it's softened little thinner

 I'm so  glad I decided to try this product I tried other things but didn't get no results


Before and After


You can see her bald spot right here and this was a couple of months ago now I can put two small

 ponytails back there with no problem and the rest of her hair is long and little ponytails are getting ,

 thicker and longer sometimes she don't want me to put it in there but I do it anyway is good to brush

 the hair then put it in and then brush the hair again afterwards to stimulate the hair follicles



This was taken a month and a half ago I think it's a little bit longer now can't find any with the back of

 her head but the product really does work I am truly very satisfied with it give it a chance to see the






Akilah Adams-FaceBook

Best oil ever!! Smells like Tea Tree Oil. Didn't break me out or flake up my scalp  or my daughter (now 5)  I've

been using it on her hair for 2 yrs. I actually grew my hair back from my hair loss due to alopecia in a 4 x 3 inch

area of my hair.




June 22, 2015

Patrice Blugh‎-FaceBook-Wild Growth Hair Care
Before and After
'Before December 2014 After June 2015 really works'

May 30, 2015

Monique Ms'quaybaby Burnett-FaceBook
May 30 ∑
I love it I use it on my daughter's hair and it grew her hair out.

Before and After-clockwise



May 26, 2015

Diana Molina Swift-FaceBook

 I been using it for 2 months. And my hair has improved ALOT. I also use in my daughter (12yrs) that has kinky hair, n it has cut down the timing on untangling. You can PURCHASE THIS AT ALMOST ANY SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY. I LOVE IT. LEAVES UR HAIR SMOOTH N MORE MANAGEABLE... TRY IT. U WON'T REGRET IT.


Aundrea Rose-Facebook

 I love it it works for me and my  1 year-old daughter
May 19 at 3:41pm



April 28, 2015

Chandra Lvnliflikitsgolden Williams-FaceBook

 I've been using this system  for a couple of years on my daughters hair and it's growing very well.


April 27, 2015

Samirha D. Fedd-FaceBook

 I've been use this product for yrs. For me and my girls... It really works



April 27, 2015

Robin Counts DeDear-FaceBook
Yesterday at 3:25pm

My 3 yr old  has   hair  thanks to your wild hair growth oil. Thank you!!!


March 30, 2015

Anika Davis-FaceBook Used this on my. Daughter hair when she was little. works. great.

March 25, 2015

Janet Burns I use the White bottle on me and my daughter hair and yes it work... You can find it at any hair store


March 23, 2015

Amazing product. Used on 8yr old Caucasian
Byrobin dedearon March 23, 2015

Verified Purchase

I bought this for my 8 yr old whose hair doesnt grow she has very fine hair. Within 2wks ive noticed new  growth and its thicker!! Only downside is its very oily and has a strong smell. But i will buy again.



March 7 at 5:11pm

Latonya Calerway-Facebook

 I used that on my girls it really works!!!



March 7, 2015

Ashley Holmes-FaceBook

 my grandmother gave me this product when I was 11 years old...I AM NOW 26... and I have been using it ever since! #GREAT PRODUCT

March 6, 2015

Karen Perry Brunson-FaceBook

 Only use a little on your fingertips about twice a week. A little goes a long way. I put a dime size amount in my hands and work it through my daughter's hair after washing it. Blow dries like silk.
March 6 at 4:28pm


March 3, 2015

JaZy Still Standin-Face Book

 I use this on my daughters hair and when I get a protective style like a sew in I put this on my scalp.. So far our hair has grown out a lot
March 3 at 9:52am



February 28, 2015

By Naz February 27, 2015

It works great I use it on my Lil ones scalp and it even makes my nails grow





RaKima Nelson-FaceBook

 Love this stuff it works I used the white while wearing my braids my hair felt moisturized, now my hair is out and I use both bottles every other day and my girls also they love it too


February 25, 2015

Ora Johnson This product really will  grow your hair. i highly recommend wild growth.


February 25, 2015

Mallory Thornton This was taken in September I mix it to kill the smell sometimes but I wash with it and it works great.   On my kids as well so  it's not fake



February 13, 2015

Jaimie Bryant-FaceBook

Been using this for years works good   I use it on my kids hair too.
February 13 at 8:05am



January 12, 2015

Libra Grant-Facebook

 This works. Im 34 my mom used this on my hair as a child and it grew my hair to bsl (bust line?) from shoulder in 1.5 years I stopped using it once I became relaxed but now im back to my natural roots and back to wild growth

January 11, 2015

Tangie Byrd-FaceBook

 Love this stuff. I used it when my kids were small. Now there 22 and they still use it.


January 09, 2015

Anna Jackson-Facebook

 Been using it for yrs. Used it on my daughters and nieces, nd self for likr 20 yrs when needed it really works the smell is a lil strong so i mix it with blue magic or crown royal to tame it.



January 09, 2015


Zandra Rawlins Adens-FaceBook

  Beware. If you use this on your  little girls, you will literally have your entire Saturday booked on wash day!! I used it on my two girls from the time they were babies. By the time they were 2, wash day was a major project and don't get me started on the Christmas or Easter press and curl when they got older! Hair to their armpits and cramps in my fingers!! This oil is on point.


January 07, 2015

Charlotte Williams-FaceBook

I used this in my girls hair from a baby the last pic I just cut it but it really work  in 3weeks she had hair

January 06, 2015

RaKima Nelson-FaceBook

 I have box braids and use it every other day   already my braids are loosing up and I use it on my 7 yr old hair after her deep Condition and her hair is so smooth after its blow dried..Loving it I have the original bottle



December 29, 2014

Chazmyn Booker-FaceBook

 I love this product.  I been using this product since I was a  little  girl.



July 8, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Its an amazing product that I also use on my twins hair ..., 
Lenessha -

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Since this product my hair has grown about 3 inches I use it after every wash on my damped scalps and I let it air dry. After air dry I wrap my hair and the next day my hair feels healthy and full of body. Its an amazing product that I also use on my twins hair as well and their scalp is no longer dry after washes they don't like the smell but I do and since I'm the boss of this hair show well.... Besides that I would def recommend this product to whom ever is in hair recovery stage.



March 30, 2014

-from Facebook-
Tameka Smith posted  to‎Wild Growth Hair Care

Have been seeing this Wild Growth for years and tried it for the first time on my 6yr old hair and love it


February 3, 2014

5.0 out of 5

 It works!!,

Patricia Carpenter (Glendale, CA)

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

My daughter of 9 was recently diagnosed this summer with Alopecia Areata and she had the smooth balding spots. She was given topical creams to helps with the irritations but didnt stop her hair from falling. I searched here Amazon to find something. I bought it and WOW!! Her stills falls but it doesnt go completely bald. Thank you for this product.
Note: This is all natural, the smell does not bother us at all and who cares when it works.



January 10, 2013


Sharon G. P. posted on Wild Growth Hair Care's timeline
"I have use this product and it really works...

I mixed the oil into a bottle of hair grease an liberally placed it on my daughters scalp. Her hair took off. No more drawstring ponytails for her. It also works great with braids. ..."



October 7, 2013

  Buy this its Great

By Ayunna Brown (from

I love wild growth, ive been using it for a few months and i am very happy with my hair. So happy that after reading what was in it, I started using it on my daughters hair she is 7 mos, she has went from 3 beads on a braid to 9 beads on a braid. she has a head full of hair and its FULL thick and yes soft. i tell everybody i meet about it.




October 07, 2012

thank you for your product

before wild growth my daughter's hair didn't seem to grow. she is a mix child and i always grew up thinking mix children hair will grow. but a last it never grew like most little girls. but i brought your product and tried it on her hair in about 2 months i saw a big difference in the texture and length grew like a weed...i love your product i even tried it on my hair and its softer and longer than ever thank you for this "hair tonic" hope that your product stays in business in the future so when i have grandchildren i can use it on their hair (crossing fingers).

M. Montanez



August 01, 2012


From:  Akilah D. [mailto:<>]
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2012 1:49 PM
To: ''

 Hello WGHO,

 I havenít written your company since 2005, but I wanted to commend your business, once again, on a wonderful, consistent product.  I have been using this product, since 2003.  Not only on myself, but my children as well, including my son.  My daughters and I had Alopecia, in a large area on our temples, at one point.  Our hair just wouldnít grow there, but would grow like a Lionís Manes everywhere else.  Go figure!  Thanks to WGHO we have seen a great turn around in our temple areas, as well as overall hair growth. 

I find myself coming out of my shyness, and speaking to people more, when Iím shopping at the Beauty Supply, because I am always offering advice on using your product.  Donít change a thing WGHO. 

 Be blessed!!!


May 23, 2012

From: Sharon L. [<>]
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:31 PM
To: Wild Growth Company


Thank you kindly for your expedient response, enjoy your day & just want to let you know that this oil is truly remarkable. I have referred this product to so many people over the years & they all have thanked me. it is the only product that regrows my hair after it is damaged from color processes. I have used this product on my daughter since she was 3, she is now 18 & her hair is almost to her waist.

Sharon L.


April 19, 2012

-----Original Message-----
From: L. Hogue [mailto:<>]
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 5:44 AM
Subject: Thankyou

I've been using it on my hair and it works really good and I dye my hair and I feel safe with using it for my daughter now.


L. Hogue


April 8, 2012
By Kellene (LA, CA, USA) This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I cut my locs out a year ago as well as my 8 year old daughter. Both our hair was only an inch long.
We started using Wild Growth and both of our hair has grown at least 3 inches in 5 weeks. This
product really works. Having natural hair my hair was breaking from dryness. Now it does not shed
like it use to a month ago. The weave industry is in trouble because this stuff works wonders. My
sides are even coming back
which did not really grow while I had bra strap length locs. It is working
for my husband whom was getting a bald spot in the middle of his head.
It started closing up in 1
I love this product. The smell is not that bad it will start to smell on dirty hair that has
not been washed for a week or so other then that it just smells ok to me.


January 25, 2012

I would like to say thank you! very much for the products. I just can't believe how it extremely works for 4 year old daughter. It made her look so soft and smooth. It grew her hair in about one month. My 35 year old sister was jealous...Once again, thank you so much.! Read original letter here .

Charmaine F., Muskegon, MI



October 1,
By Zah Zah Zoom -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I bought this product like most others because of the reviews and I am happy that I did. Like most
everyone else stated it really makes your hair soft and manageable without sacrificing volume and
texture like you would with a relaxer. More importantly I use it on my 15 mos daughter who has
extremely curly hair that tangles really bad. I started using it when she was about 1 and have loved
it for her hair ever since. It has produced some dramatic growth for the sides of her head which was
thinning because of her sleep patterns and has made it much easier to comb all of her lovely curls.
If you have children especially little girls you'll understand the challenges that come with trying
to style it. This has helped me tons with making it easier to comb her hair, and like i said before
the growth has been really good on her, not amazing but very noticeable as I am quite pleased.



July 12, 2011

From: M. Lee [mailto:<>]
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 12:09 PM
Subject: Wild Growth Hair Oil

Hi, I would like to say that Wild Growth Hair Oil is the best hair oil on the market. I live in Tampa, FL and the weather here is very humid at timesÖespecially in the summer. I have been using WG for 23 years. I was first introduced to it by a neighbor who has 2 interracial daughters. It was very abundant, at first, then I had to start looking for it at almost every beauty supply store in the Tampa Bay area until I could find it. Now, it is the mainstay of my hair care regime. I am transitioning to natural and have not relaxed my hair since February 23, 2011, and with WG I have been able to manage the 2 hair textures just fine. Wild Growth is so versatile, it can be used on wet hair, dry hair, and everything in between. When I regularly relaxed my hair, I would use it as a heat protectant while flat ironing or hot curling my hair. Now I use it when I braid my hair and I will be using it when I fully transition to natural for twist outs and braid outs.


Thanks Wild Growth for being the best hair oil on the market today!!!! Please donít ever change the formula, Iím afraid that it would not be the same as the original.


M.L. Tampa, FL


June 25, 2011

Love this product sooooo much
Pros: aids in hair growth, adds shine, good ingredients
"My mom has been using this on my hair since i was 4 or 5 and i am now 19 and use it myself. I love that it actually does make your hair grow. It adds a nice shine as well. The smell is funny but does not stink."








April 23, 2011

From: Buffy S. [mailto:<>]
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2011 4:22 PM
Subject: wonderful product

My daughter has been using your oil for just under 2 months. She loves it and the growth that she has seen. A few months ago,we tried coloring her hair,which caused some breakage.Since she has using your wild growth oil, her hair has been growing fast and seems to be healthier with less breakage.

Thanks for a wonderful product,




February 28, 2011


From: <> [mailto:<>]
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 12:04 AM

Subject: Re: Wild Growth Company Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation

I have been using this product for 1 year and 6 months and my daughters and my hair has grown over 4 inches. My daughters and my hair has gotten longer and thicker so your product is everything and more so i will suggest this product to any one who has damage hair, are even slow growing hair this product will help with what everyour problem is just give it a try!!!!!!!!

I will offer this product to any one who is experiencing hair that has been damage, hair that has been chemically damaged, or just having slow growth just try this product as directed and you will be writing your story.


Thank You

Ylonda B

Feb 26, 2010

----- Original Message -----

From: "Ylonda B." <>
To: "Wild Growth Co." <>
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 1:52 PM
Subject: New Order was placed for Wild Growth Co.

I been using this product for 6 weeks and my hair is getting stronger and longer. I've also been putting this on my daughter and sons hair as well and there hair has been growing so much and been getting a lot stronger. I will recommend this product to everyone cause it really works.

Ylonda B.
December 12, 2009

Actually I'm on my way now to buy some more hair oil because I'm running out for my daughter and me. Thank you so much. I absolutely love your product and have noticed my hair growth in a short amount of time.

Ms. Z.T., Moreno Valley CA

October 11, 2009

----- Original Message -----
From: S.B.
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2009 7:42 PM

This is my now 8yr old daughter Celese. The pictures are from December of last year and June of this year. There is a big difference in growth with her hair using the wild growth hair oil. Thanks. Sharmaine.

February 11 , 2008

----- Original Message -----

From: T. Johnson
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 10:05 PM
Subject: whole sale price

My name is Tomieka Johnson and I am a true believer in your product. I have been using the product on my hair as well as my daughters and have seen a tremendous change in growth.

I am a licensed cosmetologist in Houston and would love to order your product for salon use as well as retail product. Please send me, either by U.S. postal or by e-mail, a price list for wholesale.

T. Johnson, Houston TX

December 01, 2007

----- Original Message -----
From: "L.T." < >
To: "Wild Growth Co., Wild Growth Co." <>;
<>; <>
Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2007 1:02 PM
Subject: New Order was placed for Wild Growth Co.

Me and my five year old daughter both have good thick wavy hair just
hard to grow i used a bottle so far on both of our hair and seen
a big difference
thank you. can u use it on baby or do you have a product for baby hair
have a two month old.
(Answer to baby use question: Hello. Thank you fo writing. Yes you can use it. You can use WG on
new > borns too. Just use a small amount and once a week. It does allow hair to
> come in faster and is also good for cradle cap.)

L. T., Corpus Christi, TX



To: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 12:10 PM
Subject: Testimonial!!

Hello, I would like to take a moment to comment on your website and
product. I like the new look of the website. I LOVE the hair video!! I think
that many people will be inspired by it!! To give you a little bit about
myself, I aman African American female with an afro natural. My hair is VERY
tightly curled/coiled, and has often been difficult to manage due not having
the right products/tools. I went out and purchased a bottle of Wild
Growth about 6 months ago, and I ended up throwing it out, because I was SO
frustrated with my hair at the time. Fast forward to today.., I use Wild Growth
oil every other day or so. I have only been using it for about 1 week,
but it has made a tremendous impact on the handling of my hair.
It has also
helped my daughter's scalp to clear up, and she had crusty flakes that would
occur in patches. Her scalp would bleed when the patches were flaked off.
also noticed that when I took her hair down to restyle it, the comb glided
through, and her hair was VERY manageable. I also noticed that when I
too myhair down it was very soft and easy to manage. Now, after all these
years, I have the KEY to making the hair softer and easier to manage, and I
KNOW that I will be able to grow my hair OUT as opposed to getting frustrated
and cutting it off. Wild Growth Oil motivated me to cornrow my own hair,
which I have NEVER done. I would never have attempted it before. Thank you so
much for making this product. I will continue to spread the word. Wild Growth
is an EXCELLENT pressing oil, as well. I pressed out a friend's hair,
and it felt SO soft and moisturized. WONDERFUL!!

A happy customer




I would like to take this opportunity to thank the makers of WGHO for making my life easier. WGHO is seriously relied upon in my household. A few months ago, I sent in a testimony regarding my one year olds hair. She had a thin spot in the top of her head. and around her temple area. I started using WGHO on her hair last June. As you already know, it is now November and I can truly say that my daughters thin spots have grown in, and others have noticed her hair growth as well.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and God bless you.




Dear wild growth i really like your product as i first used your product on june 8th i immediately noticed how soft it mad my hair and today is only th 13th and i have hairs growing back on the spot where my bald spot is located. i also have tried this product on my daughters hair. her hair is long and thick to only be 15 months old and it really made a difference compared to what i was using before here hair was more soft and shiny and i was able to cornrow it for the third time in her life with out too much hassle.
Thank You wild growth youv'e gotten another convert in me!!!
jennifer brklyn , ny
p.s. i'll send a pic soon



I am send this testimony to thank you for this miracle product that The Holy Spirit has blessed you with. I have been using WGHO since 2003, and my hair now rest right above my bra, not to mention I'm 5"10 and have a long torso.
I have always had thick, long hair, however my temples were bald, and my stylist cut my hair due to poor maintenance on my part. My seven year old has thick hair like I do, but oddly my one year old does not have alot of hair. I have just started using the WGHO on her as well.
After only a few weeks of application, my seven year old noticed the difference in her little sisters hair. She spent the weekend with her Nanna, and when she saw her baby sister the next week, she said, "Mommy she has twisties!"
Thank you Wild Growth!


I cannot applaud too loud that your product is everything you say it is, does everything you say it does. This is my fourth order. I am a woman of 80 years. I used it on myself, grandchildren and friends, with very successful results. I have many, many praises on my hair. As one grows more senior in age, hair thins out. Thank you so much for getting such a wonderful product. My hair was thinning and shorter. Now it is thicker and shoulder length and still growing. If your patrons are not sure it works, please feel free to use my personal endorsement.
Yours gratefully,
E.G. M., Chicago, IL



I wanted to email you and hopefully you can see the dramatic change in my hair since I've started using the WGO. I've only been using it for a little over a month now. If you open the document, I've got the pictures side by side. The first picture was taken January 30th and the second picture was taken March 4th. When I got my hair done, my hairdresser asked me what in the world I was using on my hair because I had so much new growth. I told her about the Wild Growth Oil and she could not believe the results I had. My hair grew about 1 1/2 inches! I've been using it on my daughter's hair as well, she had better results than mine. I just want to thank you for such a wonderful product. I've bought me 3 more bottles of it and plan on keeping WGO as a major staple in my hair care regimen.


I am now using your product which I had used before and it worked! I am now using it on my daughter's hair which is very thick and dry (she is tender headed)! This product helps detangle her hair and it's shiny! I have braids in my hair and can even feel a difference when I touch the new growth.

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful oil! I have been using it since Sept. 2004 and the results have been amazing! It has done wonders for my hair but has done miracles for my 9 year old daughter's hair. Before using the oil, her hair was very dry and breaking off. After using the oil I noticed that her hair is thicker and very manageable. There are fewer hairs coming out in the comb.  Her hair has even gotten longer and she loves for me to do her hair now. No more tears!. Thank You Wildgro.



I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful oil!!! It has done wonders for my 8 year old daughter's hair. Her hair is shoulder length and she has a children's relaxer in her hair and no matter how much I condition it and grease it with other hair greases, it seemed to be dry all the time. It was also starting to break off. So far I have used Wild Growth on her hair only twice and the difference is very noticeable. Her hair is softer and shinier and very healthy looking. I really love the fact that Wild Growth is not sticky and greasy. The smell is not so great but it goes away quickly. I have used it on my hair also and it is much softer and shinier. I think I am going to toss all those other so called products in the trash and stick to Wild Growth. I must admit that I was very skeptical when I saw the ad in Ebony Magazine but I decided to try it anyway and I am glad I did!!! You have a customer for life!! Thank You!!! K.O.


It's really working good on my 9 years old daughter's hair. She loves her Wild Growth Hair Oil.

I was at the hair dresser on friday, and she used a little bit of wild growth on my hair. I wrote the name down. I went by the hair supplies place and bought the product. I used a little on my children's hair and my hair. As I combed my hair my hair became tangle free .

I ordered some before and it was a tremendous asset to my 1 year old daughter and me. My husband loves it too. God bless all of you you have been a grat help to us.

Hello, I must say that I was very skeptical when I first decided to use your product and I thought this stuff seems too good to be true, but I have seen the ad in the Ebony magazine since I was about 9 years old and now I am 27 years. So I had a problem with my hair breaking and shedding and being dry; and my daughter had the most problems with her hair and she is 7 years old. Last year, for the first time I took her to get her hair braided. Now, mind you, my daughter HAD very long, thick hair. Anyway, I took her to the salon and she got it braided and it stayed up for about 3 weeks. When it was time to take them down, I was shocked at what I was looking at. I just started crying when I saw my daughter's hair fall out along with the braided hair. I had done everything right: I oiled her scalp and kept it clean, but her hair broke so bad that it was so thin that I could see through it. I t was so short that she hardly had a ponytail. I mean I cried every time I looked at it and she was so sad. I felt so bad. I had tried everything to get her hair back in order and nothing worked. So I was using the wildgrowth oil and and it seemed to be working pretty good on my hair, and then I said I will give this a try on her as a last resort and, let me tell you, she now has hair down her back and longer than it was at first and it is so thick and I owe it all to wildgrowth oil. We have no more breakage or shedding and it isn't dry any- more. It took about 6 months but we had the patience and with the first application we saw a difference. But on top of it, we don't use any heat anymore on our hair. All we do is shampoo, deep condition, rinse, apply wildgrowth oil and setting lotion and roller set our hair, and it comes out so smooth and healthy, but I owe it all to wildgrowth oil.   And since it is summer time, we will try to do away with relaxers for a while since she doesn't have school anymore. We will shampoo and wildgrowth oil and leave it like that for a couple of months until school starts so she can get a break from relaxers. I will be ordering more bottles because I can't let us run out and she won't let me run out. I hope you all stay here forever. Also, with the use of wildgrowth oil, there is no need for other useless expensive products that I have used before. So I am grateful for this product for the simple fact that it put a smile on my daughter's face again and she has now set a hair goal for herself; and that is to keep it healthy and grow it to her waist. So we will be looking forward to it. I don't think I can thank you enough! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!



I just want to thank you for your product. I have seen amazing growth results in my hair and my daughter's hair too. I have a 3 year old daughter. She is mixed with African, Spanish, French, Scottish etc.. She had her hair down to her mid-back when she was 2 years and it just stopped. Two months before her third birthday I bought a bottle for her, specifically for her...and by the time her birthday was here, her long curly hair had grown to her butt. I am so happy. Her hair is softer than it ever was and there are no more knots. Thank You.
I had cut my hair real short, it was reaching my ears, due to overprocessing. Two bottles after, and my hair is reaching my bra. You are the best...  Our hair is so easy to manage. I just can't get over it. Thank you again,
I have a 7 month old daughter. She has been suffering from eczema...extreme cradle cap since she was born. I started using this on her 3 weeks ago and this is the first time since she has been born that all of her cradle cap went away and all of her hair has stopped falling out. Thanks for the good product. I use it on my hair. Her hair is beautiful now.


I am very impressed with Wildgrowth and it is a product I can stand by. Wildgrowth has had amazing results for not only my niece but my other family members as well. I started using Wildgrowth when I keep trying other product that had little result. Her hair was breaking off and tangling constantly. I thought if I keep it in braids it would grow and be manageable but even with braids it was still the same. Anyone who wears braid can understand, if your hair is in braids it gathers lint and debris and when you take the braids out it still tangles and breaks off. Also you have to keep the scalp well oiled. I tried the braid sprays. Heavier Jarred Hair Conditioners and it was just not working. Then I was in the park with my Niece and I meet a woman whose daughter has beautiful hair. At first I just looked with admiring eyes. We began talking and I asked her about her daughter's hair. She told me about Wildgrowth. I combed the Beauty stores and I could not find it on the shelf. In frustration I asked the desk about Wildgrowth. The young lady told me Wildgrowth is never keep on the open shelves because the Wildgrowth would be stolen. She asked if I was a beautician. I said "no", but I was puzzled. I was thinking could this little bottle of oil be that great. I was taken back by the price of such a small bottle and I was thinking what a rip off for such a small bottle so I paid for it and left the store. I got home and decided I would use it on myself first just to make sure it would not irritate her scalp or skin. I washed my hair. Making sure my hair was free of all oils. This is my hair's most vulnerable time for breakage. I read the instructions. It said apply about 10 drops. I said to myself, they really did not think when they wrote these instructions but ok. I did as the Wildgrowth instruction advised. I poured the Wildgrowth out in my hands and rubbed it through. When I blow dried my hair, I was shocked that it blew straight. No hair breakage. The shine was great. It was the first time I did not need to use a hot comb. I was siked so I did my niece's hair. I took the braids out and she was set to cry. I just took out the braid and washed it. I didn't even comb it. I was thinking, "ok Wildgrowth, lets see what you are going to do now and this mess." Bad enough she gave me a hard time but now I knew I was looking for trouble. I used the same 10 drops. I rubbed it through her hair. I could feel her hair become less tense but I said maybe it was just the oil in my hand. I parted the hair for braiding and my niece was ready to act up. I was thinking the fight is on. I started to comb as usual end to root. NO TANGLES!!! I was thinking ok lets go further with this experiment. I parted out my first braid and began to cornroll. My niece was not up for this at all but we pressed on. The first braid was like the hair was silky smooth. I got to the end and the hair was no longer wet. I was really nervous because this is the time when the hair gets tangles and I am in for a battle. I parted the hair. Combed root to end. The comb went through very easy with no resistance. I stepped back I was floored that the Wildgrowth really worked. I had to read the bottle again. I finished her hair and was thinking this is the beginning of a great relationship. My niece is four and usually getting through the untangling and braiding was taking me 4 hours. It got to a point where I would braid and take a playbreak. anyone who has kids knows you can't ask a kid to set 10 seconds let alone 4 hours. I was shocked an hour top. Then after the braiding was the test of how will it wear. I was thinking to myself, if this product goes a week with at least dull shine then maybe we have something. I did not put any other oil in her hair. I said again to myself' I am asking for trouble. THE SHINE STAYED!!! I left it in two weeks to make sure. Then came the day I had to take her hair out and this starts our battle. I took out the first braid. Yes she had lint so I knew I had a fight. I brushed it through they lint came out with ease. Her hair was so healthy and shinny. I took all the braids out I was amazed. I WAS SOLD!!! But that was not the amazing part. This was just being. I kept using the product on her and me. I only had one problem, the wildgrowth made my hair so thick that a perm would not hold but less than two weeks and I could live with that. My nieces hair was an amazing different story. Her hair has never been permed it was getting thick and long. It grew leaps and bounds. I was thinking about that fairy tale Repunzel. I was thinking Repunzel's Mom had to use Wildgrowth to get her hair to grow.
I kept the Wildgrowth a secret. I thought if I raved over the product people would not believe me. I have learned through the years you learn by example. Each time people would see my niece they would say what beautiful hair. I said thank you. The proof was when I sent Christmas picture. Everyone wrote me back. She was beautiful. What beautiful hair. They asked me if that was her hair. I wrote back Yes it was her hair and actually they were not seeing the full length because I pinned it underneath so it would not get in her way. Then the calls started coming in. They wanted to know what I was using. I told them about Wildgrowth. My sister now uses it and she is getting the same result. My nieces Mom uses it and her hair had the same result. I used it on my Mom's her. She has gray hair and anyone with gray hair knows that the wrong product could yellow the hair but the Wildgrowth made it thicker, easier to manage and stopped the frizz and No Yellowing. I also found that people think that this is a black product but I gave it to my friend as a gift.
She is Italian. she thought I was crazy. She has a curl perm. Her hair was not holding its luster. Now she uses 5 drops a day. she says her hair is like silk. It has a great shine and the oil is not heavy. I think that is the beauty of Wildgrowth. Also it took me 1 year to use up a bottle. AMAZING!!! I really got my monies worth and more.
Thank you Wildgrowth .
A. T.

I am very thankful of this oil. I use it on my 13 years old twin daughters, and their hair is so manageable.
I just bought a bottle of your product and I am a causasian girl with short bob styled hair..(only because of bleach and color) and I had a small patch that was looking like it would be bald soon and I am only 27 years old..well I have as you know what bleach does...dry broken hair.. I used your product tonight and noticed that with a very small amount my hair didn't look greasy and it made ny hair look so healthy and smooth!!! I'm hoping that it will yet grow now. Also I used it on both my daughters hair..ages 4 and has natural curly thick hair and it made her curls look so defined and healthy and gorgeous, My 6 year old has thin baby fine hair and with one use even made her hair like she had natural body and healthy made the three of us smile together in the mirror!!!
Just wanted to say thank you for a product that works. I just noticed your website address today as I bought my second bottle. I wish I had noticed it months ago when I started using it on my daughter's hair. She's nine years old & I gave her her first perm. The front edges of her hair broke off almost completely. Since using Wildgrowth her hair is continuing to grow back almost a quarter of the length it used to be (3-inches). My daughters hair is very long, so I know that by the spring or summer her hair will be back to it's normal length or longer. Remember, that's just the front edges of her hair, imagine what the rest looks like. Thanks!!!

September 30, 1999
I've been using Wild Growth for about a year now...At least 8-9 people I know uses this product and my cousin especially uses this product on a regular basis. I have also started using the product on my two year twin daughters hair and it works wonders.


July 7, 1999
I am really pleased with the results on my hair, and my grandchildren's. Also my friends and neighbors have been buying it, and are very satisfied.

June 11, 1999
Your product is wonderful. I have been using the hair oil on my hair and my daughter's hair and have been very pleased with the results! I've recieved compliments on my hair all week--people want to know what have I done to my hair, it's so shiny and healthy looking. Again, thank you for formulating something that finally works!

April 28, 1999
My problem began when I started perming my hair. Over the years, using different beauticians and putting perms on myself, my hair had become very fragile. I constantly combed hand-full amounts of hair in my hand. My ends were always so dry and would break off very easily...
  After washing it out, I thought: "I'm going to put some of this oil on my hair as it dries." After my hair dried, to my amazement, my hair was conditioned to the ends!!!! It was so soft and silky!! My ends were beautiful. Three days later, my ends were still very conditioned. No dryness!!! (I wash my hair once a week)
When it came time to wash my hair again, I noticed my ends were still conditioned. NO MORE DRY ENDS.
I have noticed that my hair is much longer. I have been getting so many compliments on my hair. People everywhere are asking me, "Debbie, what are you using on your hair? It is just growing." I tell them about your product. I just had to learn how to use it on MY hair. Just putting it on did not do the trick for me. After cleaning my hair, sitting under the drier really conditions my ends, which ends my breakage, which helps my hair to keep its length.
I love your product. I just ordered 3 bottles. I hope more African Americans find out about your product. It is perfect for children with hair growth problems.


March 6, 1999
This Wild Growth Hair Oil is the BEST product on the market! I Love it! My daughter's hair was really thick, very hard to manage when I washed it. Thanks to this oil, she loves getting her hair done. Her hair is past her shoulder and now very easy to comb. I can't believe how silky and shiny her hair is! Thanks Again. I am one very satisfied customer.


November 5, 1997
Please send me the oil immediately as I am almost out of the other one. By the way, I used it on my 3 year old daughter and her hair is so soft and has grown quite alot. Now she always wants me to comb her hair, since it doesn't involve any pain as it did in the past. Thank you again for making my life and my daughter's life a lot easier.



January 1, 1994

I would like you to know that I've been using your product for about two and a half weeks and I must admit that it is really, really all that it is advertised to be and more!
     Before I started using Wild growth, I was wearing braids. Tired of them, I was going to wear a process but I was told by a professional that I would have to condition my hair for at least two weeks. She named off several products for me to purchase, and use these products for two weeks and then give her a call. So I got to thinking, how am I going to wear my hair for that length of time, especially with a press and curl that never worked for my hair? I remembered a leaflet that was in my bag when I had purchased beauty products previously about instantly removing kinks. So I said to my self, 'It's worth a try.' First, the day before I took my braids down. I tried Wild Growth. It softend the new growth around the edges. Then, when I washed and dried my hair (towel dried) I applied Wild Growth to my damp hair and braided it so it could air dry. Well, I
     ....I started using Wild Growth four months ago. I tried the product because I had a receding hair line at my forehead and was bald just over my temples. I used wild Growth and within weeks I had what is called 'new growth' or 'baby hair' over my temples. I continued to use it and now my hair is down to my shoulders and even in growth all over my head. My ten year old daughter's hair was badly broken off and uneven. After one application, her hair had grown three inches longer in less than two weeks. In just two months her hair was shoulder length and even in growth. My friend finally experienced dense hair growth from the back of her head after four days of using Wild Growth.
     Wild Growth also keeps my hair soft and easy to manage. After I wash my hair it makes my hair easy to comb. For children with hard to manage hair such as mine, Wild Growth gives a mother a helping hand.
     C.M., Philadelphia, PA