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Oh yes...
ByMonica on December 5, 2017
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
Wild Growth is right. I definitely stand by this product. As an Indian woman who wanted long hair, this product definitely  got me there quick. My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is that the product is so thick. I ended up using less and mixing it with coconut oil in my hair and noticed intense growth. What results I would have had using the product straight may have been even better than what I experienced. Even when I had my birth control start making me lose hair, I just applied this product and it not only countered the hair loss, but promoted growth and overpowered whatever was going on inside my hormones. It is a great product and I'd recommend to anyone who has hair loss or wants to grow it fast!


Miracle worker!
By Javae Davison November 19, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
This oil really works miracles. I lost a ton of hair due to Ec zema. I started using this and within 2 weeks  I notice growth  in a spot that was shiny bald for soooo long! My confidence is back and can't wait to
see the continued results!



works great for hair loss
ByMatthewon May 20, 2017
Wild Groth Hir Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
works great for hair loss, if you're looking for a miracle to give you Pocahontas hair in 2 months, this might not be the product for you. (or any product) I used it with a protective style for almost 4 months, (braids) and got more  new growth  than usual. my haircut fades also grew in quicker. you only need a few drops every 2-3 days.



ByAmazon Customeron May 8, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
The wild growth hair oil came highly recommended by several professional hairstylist. I was completely amazed and really satisfied with this product because of the easy instructions and results.  I strongly believe if you're experiencing any type of hair loss this product would be on the top of the list to try. I will continue to endorse Wild Growth Hair Oil because of my great experience.



It is a great product for anybody that their hair is falling
By Luz M Brown on April 12, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil  Size: 4 Fluid Ounces (2 Pack)|Verified Purchase
I have purchase this product for my heard falling off, I couldn't find it at all at Sally's at all, So I found it Amazon's and I start using it again. It is a great product for anybody that their hair is falling.



5 out of 5 stars

awesome product

ByConstance Omanaon September 12, 2016

Size: 4 Fluid Ounces

bought this for my sister who is suffering intense hair loss due to stress. she'd been getting injections directly

 into  her scalp which were insanely painful for her! she loves this product! shes stopped the injections all

 together and  even the doctor giving them to her told her that the oil was working great. like others have said

 there is an  oder  to it that her husband doesnt love lol but still she buys it at the store now!





Jasma Brown'SugaSlim Johnson‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care-Facebook
July 16 Baton Rouge, LA

Wow! Wild Hair Growth really does work! My baby boy suffered from hair loss back in Feb when he caught a ringworm. I've tried just about everything, nd nothing seemed to help its been 5 months now of dealing with this! I bought that bottle of hair oil EXACTLY ONE week ago, nd look @ da difference of only 3 uses in ONE week. Thank God




June 12, 2016

- V. N. " It really works!" - Facebook

before and after  progress


Tecia Williams-‎ Facebook 6/2/16

I have referred clients to try the product and they love it. It has restored edges and areas of hair loss. I have used it for years and I love it.


May 12, 2016

Ms D. May 12, 2016 8:10 pm Sent to

Hello. After 12 years with locks, last July 2015 I cut them off and discovered
disastrous hair loss. It kept falling out since, I became depressed. Spent so much
money with no results. Then February 2016 I finally tried Wild Growth, results
noticed in a matter of a few weeks
. I can't brag enough about your product. I hope
it would grow even faster :) but I am ever so grateful for the progress thus
far. KEEP IN MIND after a few weeks your product had positive results.
Thank you thank you thank you. Ms D.
Top (big) picture taken early April 2016 the other 2015.





Wild Growth worked for me amid health conditions that causes hair loss.
ByAmazon Customer on April 30, 2016
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces (2 Pack)|Verified Purchase
I have a health condition that causes hair loss and nothing has worked for me including vitamins. I've tried various products  with no results. Wild Growth has worked wonders on my hair. It worked almost immediately and my hair is full and the length I once had is coming back. I love this product.




November 30, 2015

"I suggested my friend wild growth as I saw ur fb page reviews Development is just 1 months it is just loss  reduce....she is very thankful. We are Indian."-Deo Pinky from FaceBook.

 Before and After


October 2 , 2015

Facebook-Wild Growth Hair Care

"Ive been using this product for the past 17 years. Whenever my edges fall out from perms or sewins.

 I use this  and it grows right back. 👌"- Kyomi Kane

Before and After (actually after and before-right to left)





called in at 888 WILDGRO

My message is I am a cancer survivor. I just want to thank you guys so much  for the Wild Growth

 because all my hair has come back. It had all fell out. Thank You again, my name is Nance Hayden.




testimonial emailed to

Hello I just want to tell you I lost my hair 8 months ago. And Someone told me about this oil and has

 did wonder for my hair. And wanted to show you all what it did . Thank you so much I want to just tell

 the whole world. Now I have my hair back after using this product.



Janee Hardy-Facebook

 This oil definitely works I use the yellow one on and off since the beginning of March. My hair has grown at least 2.5 inches. It was at 12 -13 when I started now I'm at 14-15inches  all over. And my hair has not fallen out it's actually gotten thicker!




March 15, 2015

Marion Reevey-Face Book

I love wild growth my hair broke off  from a relaxer  I started using this the 2nd week of Feb my hair has already grown  over an inch and where I had patch of hair that fell out it has filled in that section is an inch long


March 12, 2015

try it.
By March 12, 2015

My hair fell out a few years ago when I was in high school. I used a bottle of this and wore full weaves So I didn't realize my hair grew from this until after I stopped using it. Recently I Big chopped because my hair was falling out again and now I can really see the growth.



January 07, 2015

Ladyboss Murray
January 7 at 8:15pm
I've always dreamed of having long thick beautiful hair my whole life. When I was young I had very pretty hair but very short hair. I did not understand until I got older why It took hair so long to grow. I would always compare my hair to my sister hair because she had a bigger puff than mines. Long story short MY AUNT perked my hair in the third grade . It grew long but never pass shoulder length. I never new how to take care my hair properly until when I started to put a lot of bond ins in my hair and seen that it started to fall out mostly my edges had small patches and wouldn't grow back. I put a end to that and started researching products and finally came across wild growth on YouTube . From then I never looked back. I deep condition once a week with this oil and got tremendous growth and length. At this time I was just starting transition to natural. Didn't want to deal with two textures so I cut It off and started from scratch and I will never stop using this product is my go to product for life.



Nov 6, 2014

Very happy.
By Sarahion

I wish I could upload pictures. It's been 2 weeks already seeing results. I just (had?) twins. And the hormones are making my hair fall out. This is giving me hope it is doing wonders. Very happy.


July 16, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars MIRACLE in a bottle,
Rebecca Abrahante -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I have thinner hair and can only use a few drops (the oil is quite heavy on the hair)
My hair was totally fried and falling out in clumps, both in and out of the shower. In just about 4 months, I've seen SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT, it's incredible! My hair is no longer falling out AND it's grown out faster, heal thier and longer.

Note: I use Wild Growth in combination with Ultrax Lab Hair Solace Caffine Shampoo and Conditioner, biotin, horsetail, and It's a 10. My hair regrowth may be due to this combination of products--just thought I should share in case any of you are having the same problem.

Bottom line: GET THIS STUFF!!!
It works absolute MIRACLES.


July 7, 2014

So far so good. I hope this helps my hair get healthier ..., 
Raquel -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I have been wanting this hair product for the longest. I just Got it today from Sally's. I washed and deep condition my hair. I applied this product all over my scalp and hair. I
just got done blow drying. Usually when i finish i'll have little balls of hairs that came out. This time i had NONE. So far so good. I hope this helps my hair get healthier and longer like others have said.

July 6, 2014

Truly Amazing :),
Whitney -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Let me start by saying, I'm African American, and I have some pretty kinky but long hair(mid-back length) and I love, love, love this product so much! After reading all the great reviews, I bought it, and hoped it would work for me too. In my opinion, the smell was lovely and kinda herbal. I followed the directions and put it in and combed/brushed my hair after showers, and applied it three or more times a week. My hair was seeing new growth in just a few weeks, haha! I was able to comb out my hair a lot easier, without a bunch of hair falling out in the showers or on the bathroom floor like it used to. My hair is strong, soft and so easy to manage, it's amazing. This stuff is no miracle worker, but it does a WHOLE lot more that other products say they can, and for that, this product gets my 5 stars.
Must buy moooooore!






June 15, 2014


5.0 out of 5 stars Wild Growth MIRACLE oil, 
MaMaOf3 "Life is a journey, take your steps w... -

Verified Purchase

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

After reading many other reviews I found that not many are in the horrid position I am in with my hair. When I was younger, I terribly damaged my hair by constantly dying, straightening and shampooing. All of that took its toll on not only the quality of my hair and texture- but on my scalp to the point where my hair almost never grew. Worst of all, I started getting major hair loss and you can see my scalp through the front of my hairline. No matter what I do I never feel good so I thought, "hey, I spent so much money on extremely expensive products already" and every oil and home remedy in the book with no luck. It has only been 3 days, that's right, 3 days since I have been using this (haven't washed it out) applying it as I would any oil by massing it through my entire scalp and moisturising the remainder of my hair as well and I already see it working. For the FIRST time in years, I did not have a million hairs in my brush.

Obviously no hair growth yet but you can expect a tingly feeling when its stimulating your follicles.

Note: Many people have mentioned the bad smell the oil gives you and I don't know what they are talking about. If you become used to commercial hair products which have artificial fragrances then you might dislike the smell, to me, just smells like really strong herbal tea. The smell DOES fade after a few minutes. Some have also said it is runny, well, its an oil! You can't expect it not to run at all, and if it is running you're probably using too much.

Will be updating on hair growth in about a month or so overall I recommend it to anyone willing to give it a shot. For the price, you can't lose.


May 19, 2014

From Customer Questions & Answers

Would this be recommended for fine straight hair? Or does it work best on coarse hair?

I myself have long very fine straight hair and yes I would definitely recommend this. I am on my second bottle and my husband was so impressed I ordered him his own bottle. he was in a car wreck about twenty years ago and hasn't had eyebrows just scar tissue now he has eyebrows and I'm watching his receding hairline disappear. It has done wonders for me I was losing so much hair and had massive thinning in front and along part and that's no longer a problem. hope this helps.

readinglarge answered on May 19, 2014


June 22, 2013

Hair ByPilates "Pilates"on June 22, 2013

Was losing my hair. Have used this treatment for 6 months and hair is thicker and shiny. I use the full treatment .




5.0 out of 5 stars Works, March 3, 2013
Amazon Customer (Norfolk, VA) -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

My mom had hair lost from stress n have been using this recently. Her hair has grown back n now she uses this for my niece who always had trouble with hair growth. My neice's hair is actually thick n she finally can wear a ponytail! Great product!

February 11, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Crazy Hair  Controlled and Stopped falling out!, February 11, 2013
SurferDude -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

My crazy, really dry, really curly, really long, Caucasian, male hair now looks better than ever. My hair looks perfectly hydrated and nourished. It feels soft and shimmers in any light. I really can tell a huge difference as my hair was dry and nappy no matter what product I use. I originally got this stuff to stop hair loss. Not only did it do that (I Went from tons of hair loss to almost none), but my hair looks so clean and controlled now. I use a couple of dribbles on my scalp here or there (not everywhere because your hair will look really stiff and gel'ed for the next few days [it is hard to wash out]) and leave it on my scalp all night. The smell isn't terrible at all. Smells like eggnog (cinnamon and nutmeg) which isn't too bad as long as it is in moderation. I use this stuff every other night just because I feel like it stays in my hair for almost 2 days before completely absorbing or evaporating (which ever it does). A good shampoo in the morning after, and some leave in conditioner leaves my hair looking just amazing. I cannot believe my extremely dry hair is no more, let alone no more hair loss!



October 16,
By JasminNicole -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I know everyone always says this but I have honestly never written a single review for any product
even when I love it.. That being said I HAD to write a review for this product. I have been trying
desperately to grow my hair out for years. It always seems to get to a certain length and just stop.
I was then talked into a "trim" for my hair which landed me with bangs up to my eyebrows and 3 inches
of hair loss. I immediately started using this product in desperation to get my hair regrown. I used
it twice a week for a month and my hair definitely showed some progress! Then I got lazy and stopped
using it and just restarted again last week. I saw that my hair is longer than it has ever been
before! And it NEVER grows this quickly! I tell everyone I know about this miracle product!
(I am Middle Eastern/American with lightly curled hair)



September 12, 2011

-----Original Message-----
From: [] On Behalf Of Laura K.
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 9:37 AM
To: Wild Growth Co.;;
Subject: New Order was placed for Wild Growth Co.

 Order: 2 green bottles (Wild Growth Hair Oil) and 2 bottles yellow (Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer).  This works wonders on mixed race hair (Hispanic, European, etc).  My hair is very thin due to medications.  This helps thicken hair, detangles naturally curly hair easily.  Helps prevent breakage and hair loss.  Love it!

Laura K., Independence KY



November 24, 2010
By Ramy
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
after two or three times, i had felt the difference.
about 50% of my hair loss is gone now.


Hi. My name is C. S. and for the past 2-1/2v years I have been suffering from hair loss, at which time I have braided, weaved, and permed until I found this MIRACLE PRODUCT.

I had just had a baby and I needed something to help my hair grow faster. In the meantime , I had an injection (un-named) and it was gonna make me suffer from hair loss...
So I started your hair oil one month after I had received my injection; at first I was surprised. My hair was falling like crazy but Wild Growth made them grow as fast as I was losing them. The doctor told me that there was nothing I can do but wait for the (unnamed) to be out of my body...
Now its been six months and no more chemical product. I am free to start enjoying your wonderful oil again. I know its going to give me back my full length of hair, and in less time, thank you. My bottle lasted me about 3 months. I just can't wait to receive my order so I can start enjoying the miracle of Wild Growth. One thousand thanks.

March 2, 1999

I I had a problem with
hair loss. Your product helped my hair alot.